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Cast John Doe

John Doe (real name unknown)

Morally opposed to many of the gruesome realities of zombiehood, Doe is on a quest to uncover the facts about his mysterious past. He pals around with his plotmate, RIP. Their bond strengthens with each hardship they endure together.

Cast RIP

Rupert Ignatius Pendersnoot (RIP)

RIP is audacious and impetuous... reasons why he ascended to Singlet Tycoon status during his living days, but also a path to misadventure in his undead days. Unlike Doe, he celebrates his zombiehood.

Cast Agent Ross

Agent Ross

He likes coffee. He loves sniping. Everything else about Agent Ross is classified...

Cast Phineas Ross

Phineas Ross

An enterprising, vindictive, psychopathic businessman. Which Ross brother is the bigger psychopath? Why does one have to be bigger? It's not a contest. Certainly not one worth winning.

Cast Officer Walker

Officer Walker

Walker is a bastion of all that is just and good in a world undying. He is also encumbered by a kid, who has lost his only remaining family to the undead. He feels extra responsible for the boy since he kinda sorta was the guy who offed the boy's loved ones.

Cast Ellie

Ellie Wilburforce

The top sniper from the Bureau. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and she has the means and gumption to quash the smell.

Cast Sanchez

(Raul) Sanchez

Sanchez (only his mother calls him Raul) has a voracious appetite for viscera. He is jovial, but easily irritated, and seems to be harboring some secrets...

Cast The Kid

The Kid

The kid is trying to keep it real while struggling with the loss of everyone he held dear. It hurts so badly, but he's gotta be hard as nails to keep up his rep. If only he had a beverage to pour out, like in that Li'l Killaz video... then surely he could drown out the pain.

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