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Scott C

Hi! I am Scott C. Sometimes I am called Scott Campbell.

This is the story behind the Double Fine Action Comics. I started working as Art Director on Psychonauts in the year 2000. One of my first assignments was to draw the Double Fine logo. I drew a number of two-headed things, but we settled on this drawing of a baby with two heads wearing an olde-timey bathing suit. This baby became the world-famous TWO-HEADED BABY (also known as 2HB). It came to represent the family of Double Fine. One day, in 2005 I think, I started doing comics in the morning when I arrived at work. Tim wanted to start posting them on the website and call them DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS. So we did. The first of which depicted the Two-Headed Baby in an adventure with a Knight (which I also like to draw often). The adventure was very simple yet unbelievably exciting.

Since then, 2HB and Knight have met all kinds of interesting people such as a muscleman, spacemen, dragons, mummies, ogres, whales, gold miners, aliens, Lacy, our American forefathers, and cute animals.

Double Fine Action Comics are a good times party that you are invited to hand out with whenever you would like. I usually updated them about 2-3 times a week!

OK, see you!

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