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Meet the main cast

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: 2 Headed Baby

2 Headed Baby

A child with two heads. Wears an olde-timey bathing suit.

Godlike status. Everyone loves 2HB and wants to take care of 2HB.
Guy or girl? Unknown.

Skills: Can fly, roll around, transform, expand, shrink, turn into a blimp, drools, unlimited capabilities.
Only word spoken: Gah.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Knight


Actual Medieval Knight.
Knights best bro is probably muscleman.
He likes to have fun times and is usually a positive dude.

Interests: Slaying beasts, sculpture artist, inventing things, friendship, pizza.
Dislikes: His Uncle Black Knight.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Muscleman


A circus strongman.
Wears an olde-timey bathing suit (much like 2HB).
SPOILERS: Related to 2HB somehow.
Very strong.
Mom owns a swimming pool.
Best brows with Knight.

Interests: weights, working out, swimming, parties, eating, being lazy.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Captain


Captain of his own space capsule.
Thompson is his First Mate on this space capsule.

Interests: Collecting Rocks, collecting MP3s, DJing, leading, assigning tasks, being mean.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Thomson


Thompson is the captain's First Mate.
He is very caring and enjoys doing things for his friends.
Especially if it impresses the captain.

Interests: Rock collecting, inventing, science, analyzing things, space equipment, the captain.

Now meet some friends of the cast:

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Bumphead

Bumphead (Big Dude, Skullface)

Large fellow sho likes to change his name often.
SPOILER: Currently he is an Angel.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Mummies

The Mummies

Just some mummies from another dimension.
Not super interested in much besides hanging out with each other.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Girl FS

Girl FS

Girl from The Shop went out with the Captain for a bit.
She is good friends with the gang and often gives them advice.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Lacy


Good friends of Nadine.
She is into throwing parties.
Also into dark things of the Goth nature.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Naked Ogre

Naked Ogre

Just a helpful Ogre who is naked all the time (a black bar covers his privates. Don't worry, underage kids!).

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin

One of the Forefathers.
Super smart fellow.
An inspiration to Thompson and Knight.
Also an inspiration and good friend to John Adams.
Enjoys collecting Lightning, inventing, problem solving, helping people relax and be motivated.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: John Adams

John Adams

Another Forefather.
Very excited about writing documents.
Loves to hang out with Ben Franklin.
A little hot-headed sometimes though. Poor guy.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Uncle Black Knight

Uncle Black Knight

The very unpleasant Uncle to Knight.
He is always giving Knight a hard time.
Enjoys giving others a hard time.
Enjoys pranks.

Double Fine Action Comic Cast: Flies

Bartholomew and Victoria

Two flies who just check things out.
Victoria is a very curious fly who likes to take risks.
Bartholomew is a little more reserved and worried about things.
The rest of the cast don't even really know they exist.

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