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Amnesia Fortnight

Amnesia Fortnight 2014 - Day 5

"That was Dvořák. I've got Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky. I'm hoping to do a Mussorgsky piece but he's kinda harder to find."

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Amnesia Fortnight 2014 - Day 6

"Here's the twist: you see her getting smashed by the credits. They come scrolling down on her head. That's what killed her!"

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Get Out Of Detention Behind the Scenes

Warning: this video may alter your perception of time and reality. Do not panic if you experience deja-vu. Repeat: DO ~ NOT ~ PANIC~

The Hideous — The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Prototype Playthrough

It's time to dive into our final AF 2019 games, the Cthulhu-inspired puzzle game "The Hideous", and chat with project lead/Psychonauts 2 Art Director Lisette Titre-Montgomery!

Armored Slug — The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Prototype Playthrough

Amnesia Fortnight project lead Asif Siddiky chat with Heather as she plays "Armored Slug," a single or multiplayer base building game about protecting... well, a big armored slug.

The Way Down — The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Prototype Playthrough

Content and Community Manager Heather Alexandra chills with Amnesia Fortnight project lead Lauren Scott while exploring "The Way Down," a Metroidvania-esque adventure about *losing* your powers as you progress.

The Amnesia Fortnight Movie

A brand new feature-length documentary diving into the fast-paced world of game design and the fresh challenges that come with turning ideas into reality. In a process called “Amnesia Fortnight,” anyone and everyone at the studio can pitch a game concept. The goal: turn those ideas into working prototypes.
In 2019, during their work in Psychonauts 2, Double Fine held another Amnesia Fortnight. The result? New projects embodying the studio’s ethos of comedic adventures and unique games.

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 4 - DF Commentary

Commentary on episode four of 'Double Fine Adventure!" Did you know you can hear more if you buy the Blu-ray set?

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 3 - DF Commentary

Continued commentary for 'Double Fine Adventure" excepr this time it's episode three!

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 2 - DF Commentary

Even more amazing commentary for 'Double Fine Adventure' by a cast of potential criminals and cuthroats.

Double Fine Adventure! Episode 1 - DF Commentary

Fantastic commentary of 'Double Fine Adventure' by cool peope who do cool things!

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Kiln Multiplayer Livestream!

We played one of our Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, "Kiln," during a lunch time livestream on Friday, June 2 at 12:00 pm Pacific time. Watch players join the game to throw pots and smash your enemies alongside the dev team!

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - The Day After

"Is everyone emotionally prepared to go live?"

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 10

"We're kinda all riding our cowboy programming. Yeah, it's just crazy."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 9

"Maybe I should feel embarrassed. You guys have some pretty damaging footage of me now."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 8

"Zak wants the pickle to be floppy, so I'm making a floppy pickle."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 7

"That is awkward... It's functional, and right now that's probably the most important part."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 6

"Any time that I am not actively hitting the keyboard I am wasting time."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 5

"You know, there is not a lot of biodiversity, so I gotta figure out a way to sort of monkey with that."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Closing Ceremony

Join us as we play the games produced by this year's Amnesia Fortnight teams - Double Fine's "Kiln", "The Gods Must be Hungry", "Darwin's Dinner", and "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing"; community developed game "Pong Ball" and special guest games "BLOWIN UP", "Engie", "Writer's Block", and "Glopters".

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 4

"I came in today feeling pretty rested. And now I don't feel that way at all."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 3

"When I get home I'm like: 'Oh my god, I gotta do this differently', or 'I am not thinking about this enough'. But when I get in here it's fine."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 2

"Why is it really quiet? Is it because the cameras are here? Or is it because we are looking at a broken game?"

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 1

"I'm not confident the game is going to work. I hope it's going to work, I think we can make it work, but it could all go wrong. And that's fine."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Day 0

"I don't think we are honing in on some perfect formula. I think every time we kind of want something different out of it, and it evolves and it flips around and changes into different things."

Amnesia Fortnight 2017 - Leads Pitch the Company

The team leads for the selected Amnesia Fortnight 2017 projects will present a more developed pitch of their game to Double Fine. Through this process the staff of Double Fine will pick the game they want to work on most and project teams will be decided.

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