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Let's Play Psychonauts (Part One)

It's time to replay the game that started it all. Content and Community Manager Heather Alexandra starts her playthrough of Psychonauts and is joined by a variety of guests including director Tim Schafer, "world builder" and environment artist Geoffrey Soulis, art director Scott Campbell, and artist Nathan "Bagel" Stapley.

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What's This...?

While the Psychonauts fly off to rescue Grand Head Zanotto from the Rhombus of Ruin, Ford Cruller stays back at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and spends a fleeting moment of clarity alone with his thoughts, and some old friends...

Let's Play Psychonauts! (Finale)

Join us for this final episode of our Psychonauts replay as we dive into our most notorious level. But maybe it's easier now? Did you know the PC version of Little 'Olly has 3x health apparently? Guests including Tim, world builder Geoffrey Soulis, programmer Kee Chi, and associate producer Malena Annable!

Let's Play Psychonauts! (Part 5)

It's bulls and turtles time as we explore Black Velvetopia and the remnants of the creepy asylum in this (almost complete) playthrough of Psychonauts. Guests including Tim, animator Ray Crook, graphics programmer John Stone, and more!

Let's Play Psychonauts! (Part 4)

Further into the asylum we go! It's time for Gloria's Theater and Waterloo World with wonderful guests including Tim, animation supervisor David Russell, animator Ray Crook, world builder Geoffrey Soulis, and programmer Kee Chi!

Let's Play Psychonauts! (Part The Third)

It's good times in the next part of our playthrough with ~tons~ of guests including programmer Anna Kipnis, associate producer Malena Annable, Tim, and the voices of Raz and Lili: Richard Steven Horvitz and Nicki Rapp! The result is the best kind of chaos!

Let's Play Psychonauts! (Part Deux)

Our Psychonauts playthrough continues with a journey through multiple minds. Joining us this week: Tim, animation supervisor David Russell, animator Raymond Crook, and associate producer Malena Annable!

Psychonauts Game Pass Trailer

The Classic Psychonauts is out now on Game Pass for Xbox and PC

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