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Undoubtedly the most ambitious and honest dev documentary ever made ...a must watch for anyone who's into games.
Honest & accurate. Must watch for anyone interested in this industry.
It's honest, courageous and candid. It’s great real TV and the truest look inside a dev team you could find.
Jean-Sebastien Decant, Creative Director, Ubisoft Montréal
The greatest video game documentary of all time.
Hard to stop watching. I don't think there's been a better raw look at game dev than this.
If you’ve not watched the incredible series yet we cannot recommend it highly enough.
Absolutely LOVE that this unflinching doc even exists! Gonna binge it.
I am really loving the Double Fine documentary that was just released on youtube mostly because of (despite being focused on one studio) how resonant it is to the experience of making all games, everywhere.
I just binged 31 episodes of @DoubleFine PsychOdyssey… you should too.
I mean this completely seriously. If you are teaching a game development course this needs to be in some way part of the syllabus. If you are a gaming enthusiast, journalist or "content creator" in our industry, this is an essential watch.
Double Fine PsychOdyssey is brilliant and an excellent reflection of what it's like to make a game. Which means I have to watch it in small doses as it sometimes gets too close to home, haha.
Gosh, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Amazing, amazing work.
Chris Bratt, People Make Games
...amongst all the fascinating process, it is humanity that shines through. It is a portrait into the humanity that underlies creation, but is all too easy to ignore.
Stephen Gillespie, The Twin Geeks
I will never complain about a game getting delayed again.
CoupeReVille, Letterboxd
This is probably the most genuine look behind the curtain you'll ever find for not just a videogame, but for any large scale creative project.
robinfire110, Letterboxd
As gripping and fascinating as any prime-time show ...a rare and fascinating slice of transparency.
Jason Schreier, Bloomberg
...essential viewing for all game designers and devs. The most epic public post-mortem ever.
Robert Yang, Radiator Blog
This is not marketing.
Daniel Maurath, Linkedin

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