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PsychOdyssey Credits

Documented by 2 Player Productions 2015- 2022

Team MemberRoles
Paul Owens Showrunner, Director, Editor and Camera Operator
Paul Levering Executive Producer, Line Producer, Online Editor, Colorist, Production Sound Mixer, Digital Imaging Technician and Title Design
Asif Siddiky Directory of Photography and Camera Operator
Steve Jenkins Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Title Designer and Dialogue Editor
Renat Sirbaev Editor (Episodes 23 & 32), Co-Editor (Episodes 24 & 30), Associate Editor, Dialogue Editor, Captioner and Production Assistant
Orange Drink Original Music
Michael Firman Opening Credits Design and Animation

For Double Fine Productions

Team MemberRole
Tim Schafer President & CEO
James Spafford Director of Marketing and Communications
Victor Romero Production Assistant
Aaron Hayes Tech Support
Tom Kiss Additional Title Design


Canon C300 Mark I and Canon C300 Mark II
Canon Lenses
Manfrotto Tripods and Monopods
Roland EDR44
Schoeps Boom
Lectrosonics Wireless
Sonotrim Lavs
Countryman Lavs
Canon 5D Mark III
Pegasus Drives
Final Cut Pro X
Topaz Labs
Red Giant Cosmo

Special Thanks

Adam Sessler
Alice Liang
Ben Hanson
Claire McAdams
David Earl
Diana Muñoz
Dr. Mick
Eliiah -Wood
Frank & Diez
Gabrielle Levering
Geoff Keighley
Jack Black
James Willems
Jerry Pryshlak
Lisa Jenkins
Matt Bootu
Michele Baggio
Odarka Kish
Orest Firman
Paul Petrino
Sam Thompson
Samantha Rose
Sara Hanlon
Terence Lee
The Orange Drink &
Hemlock Records Family
Valentino and Juli
Victoria Ratnikova
Weekly Beats
Will Wright

Thanks to Tim and Everyone at Double Fine

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