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Costume Quest 2 Cast & Credits

A Double Fine Production

Writer and Director Gabe Cinquepalmi
Lead Programmer Ben Burbank
Lead Gameplay Programmer Kee Chi
Lead Artist Freddie Lee
Lead Animator David Gardner
Lead Sound Designer Paul O'Rourke
Producer Daniel Pangelina
Composer Peter McConnell
Gameplay Programming Bert Chang, Panya Inversin and Silvio César Lizana Terra
Systems Engineering Paul Du Bois, Dan McGarry and Joe Virskus
Graphics Programming David Farrell and Oliver Franzke
Character Animation Tyler Hamill, Christopher Lam, Elliott Roberts and Chris Shultz
Concept Art Emily Johnstone
Environment Art Lindsay Johnson and Jeremy Natividad
Materials Art Kristen Russell
Technical Art Adrian Melian and Drew Skillman
Visual FX Panya Inversin and Jeremy Mitchell
Character Modeling Tyler Hurd, David Russell and Frederik Storm
Sound Design Camden Stoddard
Localization Producer Malena Annable
Additional Art Direction Lee Petty
Additional Art Scott Campbell, Peter Chan, Zac Gorman and Razmig Mavlian
Additional Gameplay Programming Anna Kipnis
QA Manager Daniel Pangelina
QA Lead Tony Lo
Quality Assurance Anthony Banks, Ben Knoll and Victor Romero
Double Fine Productions
President and CEO Tim Schafer
COO Justin Bailey
VP and Product Development Isa Anne Stamos
Executive Producer Matthew Hansen
Studio Audio Director Brian Min
Sr. Publishing Manager Greg Rice
Tech Ops Manager Aaron Hayes
IT Justin Honegger
Operations Manager Denise Gollaher
Office Administrator Amarisse Sullivan
2 Player Productions
Producer Paul Levering
Director Paul Owens
Director of Photography Asif Siddiky
Midnight City
VP Business Development Doug Kennedy
VP of Publishing Casey Lynch
VP of Marketing Liz Buckley
CTO & Head of Development Kevin Ray
Executive Vice President Joseph Sutton
New Product Development Adam Sutton
Director of Production Paul Campagna
Director of Development Jonathan Black
Communications Director John Kopp (King Friday)
Assistant Product Manager Lauren Pica
SVP of Business & Legal Affairs Adam Sultan
Deputy General Counsel Gitta Kaplan
Paralegal Anna Salmas
Community Manager Blake Morse
Video Director Vito Gesualdi
Producer Marc Dunyak
Associate Producer Brian McMillan
Majesco QA Dept Eric Jezercak, Joe Ronquillo, Onix Alicea and Martin Sanelli
Dracogen Inc.
Dracogen Inc. Stephen Dengler
Translations Provided by Babel
Playtesters Zeb Drees, Bradley Johnson, Anna Kipnis, Dashiell Thompson, Morgan Turner and Aiden Shimokawa
Special Thanks
Special Thanks Natasha Allegri, Charlie Chu, Kate Craig, Steve Gaynor, Zac Gorman, Tasha Sounart, Pendleton Ward, Karla Zimonja and Oni Press
Team Thanks Katrina Tilds; Jess, Jho and Margot; Jane, Nora, Beth and Thomas; Helen and Emma; Arianna; Larry Gardner; Simon Raymonde; Mamita, Sandra, e Leo; Paul and Ziggy, Richel, Sagan, Luna and Tora; Dan, Linda and Craig; Fleury and Otis McGoaterson; Kym, Jay and and Dave; Anna and Dylan
Development Baby Thomas Jae Won Chi
Based on Original Concept & Characters by Tasha Sounart
Trowbog Towers Dance Track "Spin Ready" Brian Lee White and Brian Trifon
Crestwailer Cove Dance Track "Final Set" by Jon Shamieh
Breakdance Track "Liberty Breakz" by Paul O'Rourke
Harmonious Mink's Alto Sax Joe Cohen

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