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Once every year or so, Double Fine drops everything and spends two weeks feverishly pitching and developing brand-new prototypes, in a process we call AMNESIA FORTNIGHT!

Historically this was a top-secret process, but in 2012 we blew the whole affair wide open. Our community voted on the ideas they wanted us to make, watched us develop them in real-time, and played them all when we were done.

Since then every we've let everyone see behind the curtains for every Amnesia Fortnight, be it livestream, daily documentary, or even movie format. All of which are available here on this very website!

Often we have made all the prototypes available for people to check out, via Humble. Some of the prototypes we make or pitch become full games, such as Costume Quest, Spacebase DF-9, and Headlander. Others have become the inspiration for parts of games, such as Compton's Cookout in Psychonauts 2, which was based on The Gods Must Be Hungry.

Forget everything else for a moment and take a journey inside our world of creative nonsense — join us for Amnesia Fortnight!

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