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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2014


When ideas get stale at Double Fine it's time for... AMNESIA FORTNIGHT.

The 2014 Amnesia Fortnight, like the 2012 Amnesia Fortnight before it, was documented by 2 Player Production for posterity - and broadcast live no less! The games were chosen by you, the willing public, from literally tens of options, and this year we invited some extra special guests to join us too!



By Derek Brand

A surreal first-person adventure where you explore and rearrange memories.

Dear Leader

By Anna Kipnis

An emergent narrative game where you play a despotic ruler guiding the future of a post-revolution republic.


By John Bernhelm

Play as a horse-for-hire and save a storybook land full of inept heroes.

Little Pink Best Buds

By Pendleton Ward

Uncover the mystery of the little pink dudes who all want to be your friend.

The Series


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