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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2014




By Lee Petty

A retro sci-fi game where you launch your head from its body, fly around, and land into and take control of enemy forces.

What Could Go Wrong?

By David Gardner

A point-and-click adventure game inspired by 70s and 80s slasher films.

Humans: A Study Guide

By Kee Chi

A life, friendship, and dating simulation game.


By Asif Siddiky

An open world action-puzzler where you observe alien wildlife and adapt to survive in a hostile ecosystem.

Eras of Adventure

By Justin Bailey

A humorous quest through the iconic ages of the adventure game genre.


By Brandon Dillion

A pet simulator where you nurture a adorable game developer and help them bring their ideas to life.


By Geoff Soulis

A third-person space western. SPACE. WESTERN.


By Jeremy Mitchell

Starfox meets Shadow of the Colossus, in space, with pizza. Space Pizza.

Cat in a Box

By David Farrell

A cat-based platformer! Use boxes to jump through space-time.

Mega Rad Karate Troopers

By Jeremy Natividad

A turn-based strategy game with epic battles that scale up in size.


By Andy Wood

A game about the joy of exploration, skimming over the ruins of a desolate island.


By Paul Levering

Explore a dark and frightening limitless cave system, and document the strange creatures that you find.

Gone Astray

By Paul Owens

A 3D action-adventure game where you play a house cat exploring the outside world for the first time.

Jet Girl and Ghost Dog

By Ben Burbank

A co-op action-RPG where you control a girl who's trying to figure out what killed her ghost dog friend.

The White Witch's Gnome War

By Levi Ryken

Seven gnomes hack through an undead army.


By Matthew Franklin

League of Legends crossed with survival games like Day Z and State of Decay.


By Oliver Franzke

An exploration game in which you have to find out what happened to the crew of an abandoned ship drifting through outer space.

Dum Sim

By Lydia Choy

A dim sum dining simulation game.


By Chad Dawson

A microphone operator listening in on a quarterback's plays overhears something sinister in the crowd and must save the world.


By Ben Peck

Ikaruga meets Ridiculous Fishing, where you explore the mysterious depths of an ocean.

The Last Missile Commander

By Brian Min

A global tactical strategy game on an epic scale.

Buried Metropolis

By JP LeBreton

A roguelike-like where every wireless access point you visit holds its own randomly generated dungeon.


By Drew Skillman

Bionic Commando meets Gravity in this zero-G physics thriller.

Project Xing

By Duncan Boehle

A spellcasting fighting game based on the five Chinese elements.

Great Spirits

By Elliott Roberts

A 3D supernatural adventure where you have the power to summon ghosts to help you on your quest.

Bad Golf 2

By Patrick Hackett

Bad Golf 2! Bad Golf 2! Bad Golf 2! Bad Golf 2!

Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp

By Pendleton Ward

Cupid can make anyone fall in love with anything!

Damnit Jerry

By Pendleton Ward

A climbing game where Jerry's gotta climb up the human pyramid.

No More McDonalds

By Pendleton Ward

Zombie game where you can do crazy stuff!

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