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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2019


In 2019, in the middle of working on Psychonauts 2, we needed a break. it was time for another Amnesia Fortnight!

Split into teams and working on a tight deadline, Double Fine’s stable of artists, programmers, producers, musicians and other artists once again assembled to bring their best ideas, and dive on into game jam bonanza.

This year we decided to change things up a little bit, and choose the projects we wanted to make ourselves. As usual though 2 Player Productions had the cameras rolling, as the studio descended into madcap puppet theater, devious journeys into the underworld, sinister puzzles, and grand battles on the back of giant slugs - this time presented for you in feature length format!


The Hideous

By Lisette Titre-Montgomery

A Cthulhu-inspired puzzle game.

The Way Down

By Lauren Scott

A Metroidvania-esque adventure about *losing* your powers as you progress.

Armored Slug

By Asif Siddiky

A single or multiplayer base building game about protecting... well, a big armored slug.

Get Out Of Detention

By Gianna Ruggiero and Emily Johnstone

Emily was like, "Hey, Gigi, wouldn't it be cool if there was a game with puppets?" And Gigi said, "Emily, let's pitch this game and wear matching suits."

The Movie


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