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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2012


Once every year or so, Double Fine drops everything and spends two weeks feverishly developing brand-new prototypes.

Historically this was a top-secret process. But in 2012, we blew the whole affair wide open. Our community voted on the ideas they wanted us to make, watched us develop them in real-time, and played them all when we were done.

All five Amnesia Fortnight 2012 games, the bonus prototypes, and the daily 2 Player Productions documentary episodes are available on Humble, but you can also watch them all right here, right now.



By Lee Petty

A first-person sandbox construction game set in an 80s-inspired futuristic junkyard world.

Black Lake

By Levi Ryken

An action-adventure game in a forest filled with the dreams of its animals.

Hack n' Slash

By Brandon Dillon

Instead of swords, arrows, and bombs you discover exploits, trainers, and cracks and gradually learn to build your own.

Spacebase DF9

By JP LeBreton

Build a space station in which aliens come to live and work.

The White Birch

By Andy Wood

An ambient platform exploration game in which a young girl climbs a tower to escape a dark, hazardous forest.

The Series


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