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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2012



Primordial Slime

By David Gardner

Help a sticky glob of life named Prime escape a nightmarish laboratory.

Bad Golf

By Patrick Hackett

Bad Golf is just like golf, but everyone gets a cart. Score extra points for finishing first, run over your buddy's balls, tear up fairways, and destroy golf carts.

The Knockover

By Jeremy Natividad

A card game in which you plan and recruit a team to pull off heists.

Kaiju Piledriver

By Brad Muir

A Godzilla-inspired rogue-like action game where you control a giant rubber-suited monster, destroying corporate cities.

Redbot's Reboot

By Oliver Franzke

Help program Redbot so he can find his way back home.

Cloud Prix

By John Bernhelm

A multiplayer race on a 3D course made of clouds.

Battle Bros.

By Geoff Soulis

A rouge-like brawler featuring a frat guy from the future pulled back in time and mistaken for Merlin in King Arthur's court.


By Ben Peck

A puzzle game that can be considered a visual reinterpretation of the Wikipedia game.


By Brian Min

Take on a role as the most gifted contract surveillance expert in the world.


By Jeremy Mitchell

Rescue and collect strange creatures on mysterious planets in a mashup of Legend of Zelda and Chip's Challenge.

Shine Run

By Brent Andrew Shinn

Running moonshine by driving around in little cars.

Zumbi Chained

By Kjeld Pedersen

A co-op brawler where you fight together, and you're chained together, so you have to use your feet with the aid of capoeira martial arts.


By Drew Skillman

A 100% physics-driven platformer about the dramatic escape of a self-inflating blob.

Silent But Deadly

By Duncan Boehle

A smell-based stealth game where you have to escape an office building after pooping your pants.

Bragging and Fighting

By Matthew Franklin

You and your friends are adventurers with one quest: impress the locals at the tavern so they'll buy you a beer.

The Flock

By Greg Rice

A game about bird migration.

Double Fine High

By Panya Inversin

A head-to-head puzzle fighter inspired by classics like Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.


By Joe Kowalski

You're not playing the little pixelated hero. You're playing that monster at the end of the game.

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