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Costume Quest Cast & Credits

A Double Fine Production

Project Lead Tasha Harris
Senior Producer Gabe Cinquepalmi
Studio Creative Director Tim Schafer
VP and Product Development Alan Patmore
Lead Artist Tyler Hurd
Concept Art Nathan Stapley
Animation David Gardner, Tyler Hurd, Chris Schultz and Ruel Pascual
Character Art David Gardner, Tyler Hurd, Chris Schultz and Ruel Pascual
Materials Artist Mark Hamer
Environment Artists Rhandy Cruz and Kjeld Pedersen
UI Art Joseph Kowalski
UI Design Joseph Kowalski
Technical Art Lydia Choy
VFX Lydia Choy
Lead Sound Design Emily Ridgway
Music Director Emily Ridgway
Original Music composed by Peter McConnell
Original Music orchestrated by Peter McConnell
Original Music produced by Peter McConnell
Designers David Gardner, Tasha Harris, Gabe Cinquepalmi and Elliott Roberts
Writers Elliott Roberts and Tim Schafer
Lead Programmer Henry Goffin
Lead Gameplay Programmer Anna Kipnis
Senior Programmer Dave Dixon
Programmer Bert Chang
Graphics Programmer Jonathan Stone
Quality Assurance Lead Steven Peck
Quality Assurance Shawn Goff and Jordan Romaidis
Software Test Engineer Bert Chang
Core Technology Pete Demoreville and Paul Du Bois
Localization Producer Malena Annable
Additional Programming Lance Burton, Kee Chi, Christopher Jurney, Joshua Rowan and Tara Teich
Additional Concept Art Scott Campbell, Razmig Mavlian and Ruel Pascual
Additional Animation Raymond Crook, Luke Nalker, Christine Phelan and David Russell
Additional Character Art Raymond Crook, Luke Nalker, Christine Phelan and David Russell
Additional Materials Levi Ryken
Additional Environment Art Jane Ng
Additional UI Art Luke Nalker
Additional UI Design Luke Nalker
Additional Production Whitney Hills and Greg Rice
Additional Quality Assurance Travis Fillmore
VP and Business Development Zack Karlsson
Operations Manager Denise Gollaher
Office Manager Laura Henry
IT Brent Shinn
Special Thanks
Special Thanks Seamus Blackley, Ron Carmel, Nick Eisley, Caroline Esmurdoc, Klint Honeychurch, Josh Richardson, Tom Russo, Jenna Seiden, Drew Skillman, Nathan Vella, Will Wright and The entire team at Double Fine Productions
The team would like to thank Graham Annable, James Annable, Pancake Annable, Odin Annable, Dena Arnaout, Karinna Chang, Roberto Chang, Angelo Chang, Gail, Larry, my costume magicians and lovely parents, Joveth Gonzalez, K.C., Kerra, Finn, Sam Kipnis, Lydia Kipnis, Mildred Lynn (Little), Jason Daze, Michele and Ruby, Mon & Dad Walker; you'll be with me always, Samantha Pascual, Nyla Olivia Pascual, Avery Sophie Pascual, Izzy Pascual, Jandyra, Marcello Pedersen, Melissa, Luana, Philz Coffee, Jacynth Roberts, Brad Roberts, Liz Anderson, Paalo Anderson, Lucy Jane Anderson, Sam the Rabbit, Rachel Schafer, Lili Schafer, John Ray Schafer, Gwen Hope Schafer, Truman, Robbie Wedeen, Robert Wedeen, Kelsey Hendrix, Joe Sounart and All of Double Fine's awesome fans!
Production Babies Julian Yea joon Crook and Avery Sophie Pascual
PC Team
Producer Greg Rice
Senior Programmer Paul DuBois
Senior Graphics Programmer David Farrell
UI Artist Joseph Kowalski
Special Thanks Tasha Harris, Gabe Cinquepalmi, Steven Peck, Dan Pangelina and William Crom
Very Special Thanks Steven Dengler
Produced in association with Dracogen Strategic Investments
Dracogen Strategic Investments would like to thank Bruna Pace, Raffaele Dengler, Beric Dengler, Beric Farmer, Kit Purdy, Ash Vickers, MegaCynics, Tim Schafer, Double Fine, Draught Beer, Friends and Family and [No cats.]
Special thanks to THQ Evan Icenbice, Martin Good, Cindy Hudson, Wayne Cline, Nicole Yolitz Armstrong, Brian Hong, Katherinn Tran McDonald, Starsky Robinson, Michele Cagle, Raha Bouda, Brian J. Farrell, Doug Clemmer, David Choe and Ashley Green

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