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Making of Dropchord

Team Dropchord: Brian, Tony, Dan, Gabe, Ben, Patrick, Drew, Panya, Paul, and Brian

Dropchord was originally titled Radius, or Rad for short. But that wily rogue Lee Petty sent a telegram from ten years in the future and informed the team that they needed to reserve that name for a cool idea he just had, so they were forced to rename it.

The get-up-and-rave-your-face-off electronic dance soundtrack is comprised of tracks from Paul O'Rourke and Jon Shamieh, and is also notable for the contributions from Brian White & Brian Trifon (Halo Wars 2, Borderlands 3), Sam Hulick (Mass Effect)and Austin Wintory (Journey) which break way from the types of music they are typically known for.

Though these artists are much more well known for work on other game soundtracks, true aficionados recognize that their work on Dropchord is to be considered their magnum opus.

Concept Art

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