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Making of Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice was pitched by Project Lead Kee Chi as part of Amnesia Fortnight 2011, and later developed into a mobile game and released in 2012. It was one of multiple ideas Kee had knocking around ready to pitch to Tim, but nothing was really grabbing him.

"I was playing a bunch of Kairosoft games at the time, and I'm a giant comic book and super hero fan, so when I thought about doing a super hero management game something just clicked. When I thought about adding the office theme to it the name came pretty naturally."

MMOJ was made in Flash, a mostly forgotten, ancient, and now forbidden form of animation technology that powered the web in the Victorian era.

Concept Art

Middle Manager of Justice Concept Art Gallery: Environment and Character concepts by Mark Hamer, Logo explorations by Joe Kowalski

Middle Manager of Justice Web Comics

This mini series of web comics was made by the game's Art Director, Mark Hamer, to promote the game, and were thrown together quickly from the in-game assets. "Lots of cring-y humor but I think that was the point." noted Kee (Project Lead) when asked about them.

Mark's main web comic series, Snapshots, can be found on our comics page.

The Middle Manager of Justice Web Comic Series by Mark Hamer

Amnesia Fortnight Pitch

Behold the original Middle Manager of Justice pitch video from Amnesia Fortnight 2011.

The original Middle Manager of Justice pitch video

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