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RAD Cast & Credits

Rad Developmnent Team

Project Lead Lee Petty
Lead Artist Derek Brand
Lead Animator Miyuki Richardson
Animator Alex Turner
Character Artist Jared Mills
Environment Artists Janice Bell, Ebbe Loenborg and Nick Maksim
Visual Effects Artists Dan Bruington, Tyson Erze and Eliza Gibson
Additional Character Art Marc Senteney
Additional Art Cory Schmitz
Audio Director Camden Stoddard
Senior Sound Designer Paul O'Rourke
Technical Sound Designer Steve Green
Lead Designer Gabe Cinquepalmi
Lead Programmer Chad Dawson
Gameplay Programmers Bert Chang and Silvio César Lizana Terra
Graphics Programmer Matt Enright
Producers Malena Annable and Kevin Johnson
Voice Director Khris Brown
Original Music Composed and Performed by David Earl
“Bring On The Dawn" David Earl and Beth Tennant, vocals by Beth Tennant
Special Synthesizer Solos Jordan Rudess
Graffiti Contest Art Evan Bianchi
Elder Jarion Monroe
Narrator Kaitlyn Dias
Female Teens Erin Yvette
Male Teens Gavin Hammon

Ghost Cat Studios

Studio Owner Jay Marston Rubin
Engineer Jean-Philippe Dutreuil

Special Thanks

The RAD Team would like to thank Ruby & Stacey Petty. Mom. Nanny & Gramps, Lissy, Zack and Penny Maksim, Tori Amos, Harriet, Rebekah, Paige, Lillian and Deborah, FXVille, Fontain and Sachika Richardson, Katrina Tilds, Grant Cinquepalmi, and my old pal, Truman and Everyone who participated in the Closed Beta
Double Fine would like to thank Will Wright
Production Babies Penny, Sachika, Willa and Zack

Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Executive Producer Patrick Riley
Brand Manager Randy Le
Production Project Manager Eric Sawi
Localization Project Manager Brittany Schieron
Software Tools Engineer Micah Geary
Quality Control Project Manager Cameo Wininger
Business Development David Wood
PR Manager Nick O’Leary
Community Specialist Cyrus Wesson
Senior Events Manager Jason Cline

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