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Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster Cast & Credits

A Double Fine Production

Project Lead Nathan Martz
Senior Producer Matt Hansen
Art Director Greg Knight
Lead Animator Raymond Crook
Lead Gameplay Programmer Matt Franklin
Lead Engine Programmer Oliver Franzke
Audio Director Brian Min
Technical Art and VFX Lydia Choy
Studio Creative Director Tim Schafer
Character Art and Animation David Gardner, Ruel Pascual, Elliott Roberts, Chris Schultz
Character Technical Director Tyler Hurd, Concept Art, Scott Campbell, Razmig Mavlian, Say Oh, Jeff Sangalli
Environment Art Rhandy Cruz, Mark Hamer, TJ Jung, Shao Wei Liu, Jeremy Natividad, Kjeld Pedersen, Fred Selker
Intern Bo Mathorne
Additional Art Tasha Harris, Joe Kowalski
Sound Design Brian Correia, Camden Stoddard
Original Music Dave Earl, Peter McConnell
Voice Casting & Direction Khris Brown
Additional Audio Paul O'Rourke, Emily Ridgway
Gameplay Matt Franklin, Whitney Hills, Nathan Martz
Written By Whitney Hills, Tim Schafer
Additional Design Bert Chang, Anthony Garcia, Anna Kipnis, Joe Virskus
Assistant Producer Greg Rice
Voice and Localization Producer Malena Annable
Gameplay Bert Chang, Kee Chi, Dave Dixon, Anthony Garcia, Anna Kipnis, Joe Virskus
Platform Pete Demoreuille, Paul Du Bois
Double Fine Productions
President and CEO Tim Schafer
VP, Product Development Alan Patmore
VP, Business Development Zack Karlsson
IT Brent Shinn, Justin Honegger
Operations Manager Denise Gollaher
Office Manager Laura O'Brien
Quality Assurance Steven Peck, Shawn Goff
Special Thanks
Special Thanks Rebecca Sun, Ericka Cain, Aaron Gutierrez, Luana Castro, Marcello & Jandyra Pedersen, Graham, James, and Carson Annable, Roger, Sandi and Andrew Hansen, Sam and Lydia Kipnis, Prascilla Park & Malja Kim, Tim, Barb, and Cari Rice, Reilly Capps, Ruth, Violet, and Valencia, Michele and Ruby, Bles Esteves, Annee, Madeleine & Beatrice Knight, Rachael and Lili Bean Schafer, Jacynth, Dad, Liz, Paalo and Lucy Jane, Jane Kenny, Samantha, Nyla, & Avery Pascual, Gayle and Larry Gardner, Teresa Chang, Beatrice, Ethan, Daryl, Tyler and Esther, Joy Kim, Kym Stoddard, Production Babies, Carson Annable, Valencia Rose Franklin and Daniel Jung

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