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Stacking Credits

Project Lead/Writer/Designer: Lee Petty

Senior Producer: Gabe Miller

Studio Creative Director: Tim Schafer

VP, Product Development: Alan Patmore


Lead Artist: Freddie Lee

Concept Art: Seamus Gallagher, Lee Petty, Levi Ryken

Lead Animator and Character Artist: Dave Russell

Animation: Ruel Pascual

Doll Materials: Levi Ryken

Environment Materials: Kristen Russell

Environment Artists: Freddie Lee, Jane Ng

UI Art and Design: Joe Kowalski

Technical Art and VFX: Drew Skillman


Lead Sound Designer & Music Director: Brian Min

Associate Audio Designer: Camden Stoddard

Audio Intern: Brian Correia

Original Music Composed, Orchestrated and Produced by: Peter McConnell


Lead Programmer: Chad Dawson

Lead Gameplay Programmer: Kee Chi

Gameplay Programmers: Bert Chang, Anthony Garcia

Shared Services

Quality Assurance Lead: Steven Peck

Quality Assurance: Shawn Goff, Jordan Romaidis

Software Test Engineer: Bert Chang

Core Technology: Pete Demoreuille, Paul Du Bois

Localization Producer: Malena Annable

Assistant Producer: Greg Rice

Additional Thanks to

Additional Design: Erik Robson

Additional Programming: Matt Franklin, Henry Goffin, Tara Teich

Additional Animation and Character Art: Ray Crook, David Gardener, Ronnie Vilhelmsen

Additional Materials: Mark Hamer

Additional Environment Art: Rhandy Cruz, Marke Pedersen, Geoff Soulis


VP, Business Development: Zack Karlsson

Operations Manager: Denise Gollaher

Office Manager: Laura Henry

IT: Brent Shinn

Special Thanks

Seamus Blackley

Ron Carmel

Tiff Chow

Nick Eisley

Jeff Placencia

Josh Richardson

Tom Russo

Jenna Seiden

Steph Thirion

Nathan Vella

The entire team at Double Fine Productions

The Team Would Like to Thank

Stacey and Ruby Petty

Helen and Philz Coffee

Klara and Hazel

Thom Reinhard, Boo & Scout

Alice Mueller, S11, and Ava

Devin Passage

Rachael, Lili, John and Gwen Schafer


Dena, Max and Moose

Tim and Barb Rice, Cari and Matt Friesleben, Brad Kane, Jon Strutt, and Mike Mitchell

Mildred Lynn & Beverly, Emma, and Austin Gray

All of Double Fine's awesome fans!

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