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The Cave Cast & Credits

A Double Fine Production

Created by Ron Gilbert
Lead Programmer Chad Dawson
Senior Producer Matthew Hansen
Art Director Andrew Wood
Lead Designer JP LeBreton
Lead Sound Designer Camden Stoddard
Lead Animator Elliott Roberts
Studio Creative Director Tim Schafer
Character Animation David Gardner, Ruel Pascual, David Russell and Chris Schultz
Character Art David Russell
Environment Art Jane Ng, Freddie Lee, Jeremy Natividad, Geoff Soulis, Kjeld Pedersen and Rhandy Cruz
Concept Art Derek Brand, Levi Ryken, Mark Hamer and Paul Sullivan
VFX Lydia Choy, Jeremy Mitchell and Panya Inversin
Tech Art Tyler Hurd and Adrian Melian
Material Art Kristen Russell
Cave Paintings Daniel Krall
Sound Design Paul O’Rourke and Brian Correia
Composer Brian Min
Voice Casting, Direction & Cave Editorial Khris Brown
Voice and Localization Producer Malena Annable
Recorded at Studiopolis; Burbank; CA
Designed by Ron Gilbert, JP LeBreton and David Gardner
Written by Ron Gilbert and Chris Remo
Gameplay Ben Peck, Bert Chang and Anthony Garcia
Graphics Programming Oliver Franzke and David Farrell
Platform Paul Du Bois, Duncan Boehle, Peter Demoreuille and Edward Rudd
Systems Programming Brandon Dillon
Additional Programming Patrick Hackett, Kee Chi, Anna Kipnis and Patrick Bergschneider

Double Fine Productions

President Tim Schafer
Studio Technical Director Nathan Martz
Director of Product Development Isa Anne Stamos
Studio Audio Director Brian Min
VP, Business Development Justin Bailey
Quality Assurance Manager Daniel Pangelina
Community Manager Chris Remo
Quality Assurance Tester Tony Lo
Public Relations Greg Rice
IT Brent Shinn and Justin Honegger
Operations Manager Denise Gollaher
Office Assistant Allison Thomas
Office Manager Laura O'Brien


Stephen Stanton The Cave / Shopkeeper
Lex Lang The Zen Master / King / Speakerbox
Johnny Hawkes Parrot / Scientist Guard
Grey DeLisle-Griffin Computer / Princess / Monster Hunter
David Kaye Magician / Weight Guesser / Roulette Barker
Robin Atkin Downes Twins' Father / Xavetar / Miner
April Stewart Twins' Mother
Dan Hagen Security Guard / Livingston / Hermit

Special Thanks

Special Thanks Will Wright, Alan Haus, Barry Drake, Lee Petty, Matthew Bell, TJ Jung, Katrin Darolle, Catalyst Marketing, Jim Lorenz, Erin Pereira and Everyone at Double Fine Productions
Team Thanks Ron's Dad [1939-2012], Arianna Pangelina, Shawn Choy, Brian Sharp, Emily Ridgway, John Taylor, Larry Gardner, Gail Gardner, Elizabeth Fraser, Levi Wood, Monique Wood, Naomi Wood, Thom Reinhard, Roger Hansen, Sandi Hansen, Andrew Hansen, Raymond Crook, Jane Kenny Chi, Helen, Emmaline, Sofajunkie, Peter Demoreuille, Bles Esteves, Burgers, pancakes, chickpea, Sam Kipnis, Lydia Kipnis, Pietro Righi Riva, Stacey Dillon, Michele, Ruby, Jacynth, Dad, Liz, Paolo, Lucy Jane, DF Gentlemen's Ale Clvb feat. Jane, Kimberly Stoddard, Jay Marston, David Earl, Cecilia Crosby, Dave Dixon, Rebecca Sun Martz, Ericka Franzke, Regina Franzke, Günter Franzke, Lili Schafer, Ix, Ashe, Pepper, Kam Yin, Fai Lo, Mom and Dad Hackett, Keri Bailey, Tia Bailey, Terra Bailey, Marcello, Jandyra Pedersen, Luana, Christopher Dawson (Emixxary), Jaime Bradley, Huxtable Bradley Soulis, Elise LeBreton, Gail LeBreton, Gil LeBreton, Beryl Velasco, Jorden Carlsen, Flynn Blixen, Graham, James, Carson, Pancake and Odin Annable
Production Babies Emma Lee, Levi Wood, Grayson Roberts


Double Fine Would Like To Thank Jane Kenny Chi, Katrina Tilds, Michele and Ruby, Priscilla Cook, Jess Burbank, Ruth, Violet, and Valencia, Malena Annable, Ron Gilbert, Robert Megone, Elevated Play, Will Wright, Our Friends at Zipline Games, Lucy Lathan & Cory Lewis, Our friends at Firelight Technologies, Everyone at Double Fine Productions, and Steven Dengler!
Dracogen Would Like To Thank Bruna Pace, Raffaele Dengler, Beric Dengler

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