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When you live in the city, you get used to this kind of thing.

Tim Schafer Tim

So a while back, this kind of shady-looking guy started loitering around our offices. He didn’t seem dangerous or anything. But he was really surly and he started to freak some people out. We thought if we just waited around long enough, he would leave. But he started to camp out, so we were forced to call the cops. And he left for a while, but then he just came back, and so we tried other things, like playing loud music, banging trash can lids together, and one time we even turned the hose on him I’m ashamed to say. He’d run off at night, but then the next morning, he’d be right back here again.

So one day last month he just vanished. Like, poof! He was gone. And you know what? Now that he’s gone I have to say we kind of miss him, almost. And I can’t help but wonder what happened to the guy, and why he left. And then I saw this news post that explained it.

It turns out he got a publishing deal up in Canada! He’s making some sort of Adventure/RPG game called “DeathSpank.” Can you imagine?


Well, I wonder if he ever thinks about us. I hope he’s not too mad about the time we used the hose. I did always wonder why he was yelling, “Hey, watch it! You’re getting my iPhone wet!”

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