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Goodbye cruel, holey, flammable, boring world!

Tim Schafer Tim
An image from the Double Fine archive.Why you... uh... killing yourself?
Well, I wrote a love letter to this girl I like at school, but when I took it to her she said I should drop dead because I had a hole in my jeans, and the shirt I had on was so smelly I should burn it, and that even my stationery was boring.
Ouch. Man. Yeah. That doesn't leave you too many options, does it?
Well, I'd better leave you alone then. I have to go order some stuff online now anyway.
Double Fine just added three new items to their company store: A patch, a lighter, and some awesome note cards.
Are you sh###ing me?
Anyhew, check your sh## out later.
Alright. Cool.
Dang, those sound like cool new items in the Double Fine store.
Hey, wait a second!
But, I wonder if...
Still, maybe if I just tried it...
Thank you, new Double Fine Patch, Lighter, and Notecards!!!
You're welcome.
You're welcome.
You're welcome.

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