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His Game about Him

Tim Schafer Tim

We held this one back, just to give Bioshock a shot at Game of the Year for 2007. But for 2008, the gloves come off! All games coming out this year have been warned: You are up against Nathan “Bagel” Stapley’s My Game about Me: Olympic Challenge!

It’s hardly fair. I mean, it’s not just one game, but THREE GAMES IN ONE. And it features music by Razmig Mavlian. Does your game have music by Razmig Mavlian? Unlikely. Is it possible to make Leonardo da Vinci barf in your game? What’s that? No? Well, then, try to enjoy this fabulous game through your tears of envy, and better luck next time!

Except here’s a spoiler: You’re going to lose next time as well. And the time after that. Four times from now, we’re going to be on vacation, so you might have a chance that time. But then after that will come another long streak of us winning. Better buy clothes that look good with green, pal.

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