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Behold The PsychOdyssey!

Harper Jay Harper

Hello everyone, and wow! If it seems like we’ve been a bit quiet here at Double Fine, there’s a few reasons for that. Of course, we’re working on fresh games and worlds for you to explore but there’s also been another huge project waiting in the wings. And now? It’s here! We’re proud to present Double Fine PsychOdyssey!

From Psychonauts 2’s earliest days as a Fig project and all the way to release, the fine minds at 2 Player Productions have been running their cameras and capturing every moment of the process. It’s been years of documenting that’s led to over five thousand hours of footage to edit and shape into a full documentary. The result is thirty-two episodes of excitement and anxiety. All of the amazing highs and perilous lows of game design are on full display in Double Fine PsychOdyssey. Games are miracles made of spaghetti, dreams, and a lot of grit. You never know what will happen from week to week.

Double Fine PsychOdyssey was a major part of our Fig pitch and follows in the tradition of 2 Player Productions’ previous project: Double Fine Adventure. In that series, Broken Age took shape in the midst of a changing video game landscape. PsychOdyssey continues the story from right where we left it, and you’ll watch the Double Fine team deal with development challenges and real world challenges including a global pandemic. Bringing Raz’s next adventure to life was never going to be a walk in the park!

You can watch Double Fine PsychOdyssey right here on DFTV or through this YouTube playlist. Downloadable versions of the episodes will be available initially on the Internet Archive. We hope you enjoy the series and the close look it offers at the human side of game development.

Double Fine PsychOdyssey contains the work of many individuals. 2 Player Productions was:

Paul Owens - Showrunner, Director, Editor, Camera Operator
Paul Levering - Executive Producer, Line Producer, Online Editor, Colorist, Camera Operator, Production Sound Mixer, Digital Imaging Technician, Title Design
Asif Siddiky - Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Renat Sirbaev - Editor (Ep 23 & 32), Co-Editor (Ep 24 & 30), Associate Editor, Dialogue Editor, Captioner, Production Assistant
Steve Jenkins - Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Production Sound Mixer (Ep 12 & 26), Title Design, Dialogue Editor
Drew Prusko // Orange Drink - Original Music, Camera Operator (Ep 12)
Michael Firman - Series Art & Animation

For those of you dazzled by Firman’s animated openings, you can find more of his work here. If the series’ music grabbed your attention, there’s some good news! The music, created by Drew Prusko aka “Orange Drink” can be found on Bandcamp and will be available on additional services within the next few weeks. It’s the perfect music for head-bobbing and vibe times.

Double Fine PsychOdyssey was a huge undertaking and the series’ size shows it. My advice? Take your time! Binging is good and fine but there’s hours upon hours of knowledge and mayhem here for you to enjoy. Treat it like game dev: one step at a time. And please, enjoy!

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