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Can a new Gamerpic CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Tim Schafer Tim

Oh woe is me! Nobody likes me because my face is hideous. I must sit here in my catacombs, playing this stupid organ, because I have no friends. The blame must fall squarely upon my smelly, ugly face, for no one can stand to gaze upon it. I guess there is nowhere to go for this lonely, repulsive (but talented) monster. Surely with this disgusting mask of twisted flesh I will never be able to form a human relationship with any one. Not even on XBOX live. I will never be able to find out how online play might change the ESRB rating on my games, because no one will play with me, because I do not have an attractive face to put forth and make friends, even in the virtual world of XBOX LIVE and their currently-available selection of Gamerpics.
What the?

Oh damn. Those are good.
I can’t wait for everyone to see my Pac Man C.E. achievements!!!


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