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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, sorry about that. There was this milestone, and we were all crabby and suffering and busy, but now that’s done and so everything is all relaxed. Except for the tons and tons of work we still have to do.

But I don’t want any of you out there to relax. I want your bodies to be in a taught, readied position so when the wave hits you, you won’t break your neck. What wave? Why, the wave of information about the excellent game Psychonauts, of course. I think I hear it rumbling now…

Here is some stuff that is not technically part of the wave, but is floating in on the swell ahead of the wave, like chunks of half-eaten surfers: New comics! From everyone except for Raz! Boo, Raz! Send hate mail to Raz at comics @ Then go look at Nathan and Scott’s comics, and then send more hate mail to Raz.

We got covered in Official Xbox Magazine. I’m trying to find the mail that says what issue and what page, and I am failing. But it’s the new one, so if you have a copy of OXM and it still has that “new magazine smell,” then you probably have it. Now just press your hands on the cover and feel around until you find the parts that are extra thick with gaming quality, and that’s the article on Psychonauts.

We were in Los Angeles recording voice for the excellent game, and look what I found on the street right outside the hotel room:

Walk and Roll Over

I didn’t even know KISS had a star on the Walk of Fame™ but there it is! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but my hand is contorted into a fit of metal rapture. Finding a Kiss star is considered good luck by my people (BADASSES). I’m not sure if will increase your enjoyment of that picture or not, but I’ll tell you anyway that as I took that picture my mouth was full of White Castle, from a Harold & Kumar promotional burger and hula hoop stand. Obviously, that was kind of a peak moment for me.

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