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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, yes, I know I am not updating the news page that much these days, but here’s the deal. I WANT to, I really do. All day long there are thrilling Psychonauts news items, hilarious Double Fine anecdotes, crazy mishaps in the office, and deep personal revelations that I want to relate to you but I CAN NOT because if Malena sees me updating the website she will know that I was not writing Psychonauts dialog for at least 20 minutes and she will kill another kitten. She has done it three times so far and I can’t take having the blood (and fur and tiny whisker fragments) on my hands anymore.

But I have to make an exception because this is a special occasion. Today I am uploading to world wide web Double Fine Action Comic NUMBER ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!!! Amazing but true. It seems just yesterday when we put up DFAC #1. Oh, *sniff* don’t get me started or I am going to cry! Let’s just all go read #100 and enjoy it and think about how lucky we are that we are alive to see it, and that we don’t have to read it from heaven like Johnny Ramone.

But please, god, do NOT tell Malena because the last kitten put up such a fight, and when she nails up the corpses over my desk to remind me she nails them up so high that I’d have to get a ladder to get them down so I just leave them up there and one of them is hanging in such away that it’s looking right at me, and I hate it.

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