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Day of the Devs VIP Bundle!

Harper Jay Harper

It is Day of the Devs time! The time of year we team up with iam8bit to showcase some of the best games from creators around the globe. The last few showcases have been digital only and while the reception was phenomenal, we miss all of you! That's why we're moving back towards an in person event. It will be held November 5th from 3PM – 8PM PT. There will be live music, delicious food, amazing developers, and tons of games to try in person. And there's a press/VIP hour beforehand where folks can check out the bleep and bloops with much more ease. "But Harper!" you say. "I'm not a VIP!" Ignoring that you're important to me, you COULD be a VIP.

To help fund the show (seriously this sort of stuff is not funded by some mysterious millionaire; it's a few folks putting their heads together) we've released a Day of the Dev Humble Bundle with a variety of goodies. Chief among them in a major discount voucher to ima8bit's stores and a VIP pass to the event that pretty much assures you can play whatever dang thing you want! And maybe eat some type of delicious hot dog or something before everyone else.

You can check out the bundle here. For $10, you get the above bonuses but also a ton of games and other cool things including:


-Psychonauts and the RHhombus of Ruin!

-Gang Beasts

-Brütal Legend

-Massive Chalice

-Escape Goat 2





-Broken Age (plus soundtrack!)

-Spacebase DF-9

-Double Fine Adventure

It's 16 goodies and fantastickal lovelies that you can enjoy all the time, as well as an upclose look at Day of the Devs!

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