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Day of the Devs '22 Wrap Up!

Harper Jay Harper

Day of the Devs has come and gone with both a game-encrusted digital showcase and a festive live gathering packed with hands-on demos and friends. It's been ten years of indie game fun and we couldn't be happier to see the showcase continue in exciting new forms while also bringing back the live gatherings we had to put on hold in a pre-vaccine (and safety guidelines!) world. Together with iam8bit and a group of industry pros, we here at Double Fine have done our very best to ensure that Day of the Devs remains an unbiased, platform-agnostic showcase for creators all around the world to share their amazing projects. How did everything look in this year of Our Misfortune 2022? Pretty dang great!

To start, let's look at that digital showcase. It's a snapshot of the games within the live event that features everything Moomins-themed puzzle wanderings to frantic frog detective work all the way to hard-core feminist rock band practice and cyberpunk wrestling. If you want a taste of Day of the Devs, this is a fine place to start!

The main floor had an even wider selection of games than the digital showcase. It was nearly 70 games with tons of demos and face to face chat time with devs. Did you miss out on all the excitement? Good news! Okay, well... that's bad news because we would have loved to have you there but there is good news: we have a curated Steam List of all the games featured that will lead you directly to those already available and help you find whatever you might want to wishlist. Explore and look around; there's an entire ocean full of games out there and now is your chance to explore the full depth of what was shown on the floor.

It was one hell of a time! The day was truly dev'd and we couldn't have done it without fans showing up and showering these creators with love and curiosity. What's that look like? Check out the gallery below and feast your eyes on the show floor. There's gonna be more Day of the Devs down the road; it's a constant process to review and look at potential submissions and organize events. If you missed out this year, the next event will come sooner than you think!

Do you have a cool project in the works? Keep an eye out for updates at Day of the Devs dot com including submissions forms for new events when they arise. We'll see you at the next showcase!

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