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Day of the Devs RSVP Alert!

Harper Jay Harper

Bam! Pow! We've been doing our best to keep everyone up to date on Day of the Devs now that it's a non-profit charity. Fundraising is ongoing for those who want to help us in our longterm mission to highlight amazing independent creators. A while back we shared information about our next in-person event and I'm swooping into the give everyone a heads up that you can RSVP now for our big showcase on March 17th at The Midway in San Francisco (900 Marin Street) and enjoy a day of amazing games, music, and food for NO COST at all. That's free fun, free food, and a chance to meet some of the more creative independent folks in the industry. Since 2012, Day of the Devs has been committed to showcasing the best upcoming games and this year is no different. We'll have more than 50 creators on deck showing off mind-boggling games that you can play! Curious to know what games will be there? We have a little sizzle reel for you!

If that brain-blast of amazing games isn't enough to melt your heart, I dunno what is. Swing by the RVSP page on Eventbrite to secure your place on the list for the festivities. We'll see you there!

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