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Jobs Ahoy!

Harper Jay Harper

Oh wow! It's been a while and things are busy here. The studio is renovating so it's been a bit hectic and that's taken focus as we prepare new stuff for hanging out and even work things like recording booths. It might not be quite ready for GDC but we'll be around in the city to meet with folks and reconnect, showing off a few things with Day of the Devs. So what's up?

First: we're hiring! We have openings for the following positions and if they sound good you should hit up the forms. Were looking for a Procedural Technical Artist that can act as a bridge between engineering and art teams, a Senior Graphics programmer who will be developing rendering features and optimizing game performance and memory usage for fresh titles, and a Tools Programmer to build a lot of important connective bits and bobs.

If these sound like good fits for you, check our jobs page here.

It's the start of a new year, with more announcements soon. Games to talk about hopefully and a big documentary on the making of Psychonauts 2. A lot is happening and from jobs to Discord game clubs to fresh announcement, you're not gonna wanna miss a moment!


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