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Tim Schafer Tim

What’s that? You feel left out because last time Double Fine called for testers you were too chicken to come down to our offices and touch the magic, and so someone else got an earful of origami and you spent another day sad and Psychonauts-free, not testing anything, except for your own will to carry on without any real reason to do so?

Well too bad! You lose!

You should never have ignored the wishes of the Double Fine Action News!

Oh, come on. Stop. Stop crying. Please? I’m sorry I yelled. I didn’t mean—oh come on. I’m begging you. Okay, okay! I give up! We’ll do it again! You hear me? We’ll have testers come test for free again! Just stop crying!

We have another fabulous and important build coming up so we’ll need fabulous and important testers from June 23 through July 2. This is the only second chance you’re going to get! After this there will only be third and fourth chances and things of that nature. So please jump at this opportunity now before you figure out that you can get paid for this kind of work elsewhere!

The last time we hosted a volunteer tester army we all got to be terrific and amazing friends! Unfortunately I go through friends fast and now I need more. Mail the I WANT TO BE A DOUBLE FINE TESTER hotline right now and say, “Yes. I, too, deserve love. I, too, want a crane in my ear. I want to see the excellent game Psychonauts way before anybody else. I want so much, so goddamn much, and I know you can give it to me so please god do not deny me this!!!”

Or use your own words because if you say that exactly you’ll probably creep out the I WANT TO BE A DOUBLE FINE TESTER hotline and your mail will be put in a special folder called, “Creepy.”

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