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I cut my nose shaving this morning.

Tim Schafer Tim

No, not my chin. My nose. WHY was I shaving my nose, you might ask? Well, you see, I wasn’t. I was shaving my chin, and I got a little excited.

Here’s something you might not know about your nose, and hopefully will never have to find out like I had to: your nose is FULL OF BLOOD, just dying to come out. Not in those two little holes that you see, but all around those holes there is a fragile membrane of blood-filled tissue. You so much as nick it with a razor, and you’ve got a Brian DePalma movie on your hands. Geeee-ross.

But here’s the important thing: I’m okay! The excellent game Psychonauts marches on!

Talk about your slow news day. Here, maybe it’s time we hit the Double Fine Mail bag. I think a fresh voice from the outside world will give us something to talk about…

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Uh, excuse me, Sir Einstein, but the nose is actually considered by many scientists to be technically part of the face. Yeah. And what is with that “bra” thing anyway? Is that supposed to be surfer talk or something? That’s just sad. Okay, let’s just forget it. Let me find a letter with a question about the game.

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Okay, listen.

The mail bag was established for SERIOUS INQUIRIES about Double Fine Productions and the excellent game Psychonauts. Not to tease me about my little shaving problem. I’ll have you know that the nose, at least on humans, is very close to the cheek and chin. Maybe you are unfamiliar with this because you are a jackass, and your nose is a whole foot in front of the rest of your donkey-like face. But shaving for us actual men is challenging. And sometimes we get excited, and sometimes we’re dancing when we shouldn’t be and sometimes things happen and then the next thing you know there’s blood everywhere and jerks start mailing you insulting emails. I’m still a little dizzy, so don’t mess with me, alright?

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Oh, Jeeze. Thanks for reminding me.

Hey, have you ever noticed that blood tastes like pennies? Why is that? Or is it that pennies taste like blood? Are we tasting the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, who’s face adorns the coin? Maybe his ghost, angry about being assassinated, makes every penny taste like blood, HIS blood, to remind the world of how he got screwed?

Oh man. Ha ha. That’s just so Abe, you know?

P.S. We are still taking resumes for the Visual Effects position, and also for the Office Manager job. Have you told a friend yet? How about that friend named “you?”

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