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Double Fine Keeps Hiring, Saves U.S. Economy

Tim Schafer Tim

Another job available at Double Fine! I’m just going to keep posting these, you know, until we somehow manage to hire YOU, my good buddy. Why are you playing hard to get? Why not just give in right now and save us all some work? All you have to do is become Double Fine’s…


Check out this awesome, awesome job description (written in special, more businesslike recruit-a-tone™):

We are looking for an Office Manager to support our creative environment in a wide variety of areas, including human resources, administrative, and light financial work.


Human Resources:
• Maintain personnel and other employment files
• Manage, administer, and educate employees on company benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401k, commuter checks, etc.)
• Facilitate recruitment (obtain and post job descriptions, organize resumes, schedule interviews.)
• Coordinate performance reviews
• Administer paperwork for new hires, terminations, and immigration
• Plan company events

Financial Administration:
• Manage relationship with outside payroll company
• Pay bills and invoices
• Coordinate with outside bookkeeper and accountant
• Maintain building insurance, business taxes, other required paperwork

Office Facilities:
• Oversee office relocation
• Oversee any future construction or expansion
• Coordinate support of internal phone system
• Obtain supplies: Paper, toner, snacks, drinks, etc.
• Retain and monitor required office services: janitorial, plumbing, electrical, etc.

• Previous similar experience
• Working knowledge of Word and Excel
• Detail oriented
• Well organized
• Excellent communication—including written, verbal, and listening skills
• Ability to handle confidential information
• Ability to solve problems with little supervision
• Desire to work around creative people in a relaxed environment

You would be sooo good at that stuff! What, are you kidding me? You could do all that with your eyes closed. Now, use this special Office Manager hotline to send us your resume! Quick!

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