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Tim Schafer Tim

Hey, are you available during the day and willing to work for backrubs?

We need testers! We want to make sure we have a good, solid demo for E3, so we need people to play the excellent game Psychonauts all day. Just play the game and help us find bugs and tune puzzle difficulty and all that good stuff.

Small problem: we can’t actually HIRE any testers right now. But if you were looking to get some exposure to the game industry at its meatiest, juiciest, and most fragrant, then I recommend you come over to Double Fine and take us up on this offer: Test the excellent game Psychonauts and we will feed you, and sign you up for a free copy of the game when it comes out. And in a few months, we will be hiring actual, full-time, PAID testers, and you would be the first people we would consider for that job.

And yes, there are the backrubs to consider. From me. And also for the top performers, you will be eligible for: origami. I think I remember how to make a lovely crane. I could make you a crane and you would love it, in exchange for testing. You would love it at first, but then every time I came by your desk to ask if you found any bugs I would pick up the crane and make it peck your ear while I asked, “Didja? Didja? (peck! peck! peck!) didja find any bugs? (peck!) Didja? huh? (peck!)” and then you would hate it. Until about the third hour of this, and you would start to love it again, as one does when one is being tortured.

Anyway, if you don’t want to wait anymore to play the excellent game Psychonauts, and if you can get yourself to our offices here in San Francisco, like… about… NOW, then please send us some mail, and mention in there when you are available (hint: the best answer is something like “during the day”) and if you have any testing experience mention that for crying out loud. Send all that to the I WANT TO BE A DOUBLE FINE TESTER hotline immediately!

And let’s please get on with the process of becoming best friends.

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