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Double Fine Adventure Lumberjack: The Print

Chris Remo Chris Remo

Look, I’m not saying you aren’t rugged, necessarily. You don’t have to explain yourselves to us. We work for a video game company, for crying out loud. All I’m saying is that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have evidence of your ruggedness. Especially if it can be displayed in a highly visible location in your home. Say, pinned to your front door. With an axe. And what better symbol of said ruggedness than a high-quality print of everyone’s favorite lumberjack from the Double Fine Adventure pre-vis concepts and videos? Think that over with your weathered, leathery noggin.

Go get it!

Oh, you aren’t a backer? You have no idea why we’re selling a gorgeous print featuring such a rugged-yet-hip lumberjack? Educate yourself.

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