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Double Fine Action Cast #7: PAX & Middle Manager of Justice

Chris Remo Chris Remo

Brace yourself. This Double Fine Action Cast contains a double serving of hearty podcast comfort food: first, a tantalizing appetizer of PAX wrap-up discussion, followed by a filling stew of Middle Manager of Justice. Breathe in the aroma. Let the cast simmer in your ears. Okay, this metaphor is getting weird. But the podcast is excellent. It features Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, Chris Remo, Drew Skillman, Greg Rice, Kee Chi, Gabe Miller, and Mark Hamer.

Music credits: Austin Wintory, Paul Lipson, Jon Shamieh (Kinect Party); Brian Min (Middle Manager of Justice)

Also, check out our new dedicated podcast page, which we probably should have made earlier:

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