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Double Fine and Diversity

Tim Schafer Tim

I have always considered Double Fine to be an inclusive company, but lately it has become clear to me and the whole team that we need to do more. We need to take action to increase the diversity of our team for the health of our company, its culture, and the games that we make. To that end, we would would like to specifically encourage folks from underrepresented groups to consider a career at Double Fine.

Creating the best games requires fresh ideas from a variety of new voices. We value those voices and give them an environment to contribute and be heard. We want our perspectives to always be challenged—to benefit our team’s quality of life, and also the quality of our games.

This commitment is in line with the core values of our company. Double Fine is a friendly, safe work environment where harassment, bullying, and discrimination are not tolerated. (And luckily, not common since we have hired such a great group of people!)

Double Fine is deeply committed to the work/life balance of every employee. We value team members’ important commitments outside of the company. We support flexible hours, working from home, and an open PTO policy to help them take care of those commitments. Our family leave benefits apply to all employees from their first day of work. There is no “cliff” or probationary period.

Double Fine values input from every team member. We have dedicated feedback meetings where everyone is encouraged to provide ideas for and critiques of our games. In our company wide game jams, every employee can pitch their own game ideas.

This is an issue that we will be continually working on in the future, and we’d love help from you! Please mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your ideas about how we can increase our outreach to, and inclusion of, underrepresented groups. I promise they will be read.

In the mean time, please check out our jobs page and consider a career at Double Fine!

Thank you for reading this, and for supporting diversity at Double Fine—and the world in general!

-Tim Schafer
President / CEO

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