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Tim Schafer Tim

I resolve to make less-awkward segues in my news posts!

Hey, speaking of resolutions, you should resolve to do this right now: Fly somewhere on Southwest Airlines, and while you are in the air, check out the in-flight magazine. If it has Country Superstar Gretchen Wilson on the cover, then turn to page 168 for a little Psychonauts-related surprise. Look! A picture of Raz! And Manny! And Ben! And a picture of me! Oh, wait. That's not me. That's a Calvin Klein ad.

This magazine is free! (Once you pay $75 bucks for the plane ticket.) Thrills begin on page 22!

Then, after you land, go out and buy the January issue of PLAY Magazine, which has a grand and glorious write-up on Double Fine Productions, including pictures of the team and the office. Oh, and I almost didn't notice but there's a picture of me, too. I'm standing on the roof, looking like I just founded Google. (Oh, yeah, that was one of my resolutions from a few years back that I never got around to: founding Google. I really wish I had done that. Maybe this year.)

One more resolution: stop talking so much about pictures of me.
Oh, by the way, here's a picture of me!

I'm trying to calculate whether that bird would support my weight. Oh, how I wish I had calculated for just a bit longer.

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