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Glitches And Mayhem!

Harper Jay Harper

Let's get this out of the way: it's a bonkers achievement that any game gets made. Dozens of people, each a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, duct-taped various pieces together until you somehow have a thing that is playable on a console that doesn't exploit like a Looney Tunes gag-box. And even when it's finished, there's still weird stuff left on the disc.

I think Psychonauts 2 was pretty lucky in this regard. People found glitches and bugs but they also could (in 99.999999% of cases) play the game and enjoy a story dotted with humor and heart. Yeah, someone butt-slammed so hard into one of the Questionable Area(?) playground hobble-horsey things that they teleported below the map but who among us hasn't?

Of course, there were the stranger bugs from development. The things we had to fix and, I'll be honest, some things we knew about but weren't gamebreakers. Wanna see some of the best? Watch below!

I'm a big fan of the weird chair that falls out of nowhere. That one got fixed but there was a moment in Loboto's mind where Coach Oleander runs into a stack of office chairs. That wasn't intended but we kept it in the game regardless. Why is one chair gag better than the other? I don't make the the rules!

This is only the smallest taste of the strangeness behind the scenes. Maybe we'll share more in the future but for now please sit and enjoy the Wonder of Game Dev.

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