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Visit The Questionable Area(?)

Harper Jay Harper

The way to Green Needle Gulch and the Aquato Family camp twists and winds through Bucky Fierro's Questionable Area. In this strange roadside hotspot, the mundane and psychic mix together. Bucky Fierro and the Questionable Area(?) tourist crew are hardly psychic experts (really, what the heck is Questionable Quartz) but there's no doubt that plenty of psychics, mind-mending fungi, and other creatures are pulled to this wonderous nexus of curiosity. But how was it designed and were there ideas that hit the cutting room floor? I ask that question and more in this extended tour with lead designer Seth Marinello. It's one hour of behind the scenes goodness.

I'm trying to keep things very vague. This is a recording that I did with Seth some time ago and re-editing everything reminded me of plenty of secrets that I'd forgotten. Now that Psychonauts 2 is one year old? These stories must be told! This beta footage must be shown! So sit back, enjoy the conversation alongside Peter McConnell's relaxing music... and explore.... the Questionable Area(?)

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