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Headlander and its power-synth soundtrack are out today!

James Spafford Spaff

Headlander is finally here! Download it today for your Playstation gaming console or windows powered home computing device!

Also out today, the digital edition of the Headlander soundtrack by David Earl, available in a bundle on Steam. David wrote up an article about crafting the soundtrack for the PlayStation Blog, if you are at all interested in his tools and inspirations, it’s a great read!

When I heard that Headlander was following a retro-future narrative inspired by Logan’s Run, Silent Running, Zardoz, and other 70’s sci-fi, I simply tapped my already fiercely nostalgic mind for content. I knew what influences I had to honor in this score, and knew what tools I was going to have to use to satisfy my needs. Right off the bat, I decided on using tape and analog synthesizers. I’d still use my software of choice, Logic Pro, but mostly just as a recording device….

2 Player Productions put together a music video for one of the songs David wrote for the game, which features writhing robots and strutting Shepherds, and will ear-worm itself into your useless and outdated organic human brain head for all eternity. Watch it below!

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