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Just when you thought it was safe: TASHA!

Tim Schafer Tim

A lot of people want to be Tasha, but being Tasha is a dangerous—albeit thrilling—business. As the fanbase for her amazing comic grows, our lawyers become increasingly worried that copy cat readers may try to replicate some of Tasha’s more daring adventures, and hurt themselves. Or maybe end up with turds on their carpet. [See ish #128 –Ed]

So to keep our fans safe, we have created a Tasha simulator for all of you.

All the Tasha, with out all the danger. (Just a little bit of it.) And it just so happens to take the form of a super fun, AAA game for you to enjoy. (It’s AAA in the way batteries can be AAA, meaning really, really small.)

If you survive the experience, I suggest you buy some official Double Fine Action Buttons: Tasha Style to commemorate the event.

In these uncertain economic times, ask any expert and they’ll tell you that Double Fine Action Buttons: Tasha Style are one of the last, safe places to put your money. When was the last time the government had to bail out Tasha Style Action Buttons? I mean in the last three years or so. Exactly. Hardly ever. Go buy the buttons and play the game now! Your financial future depends on it!

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