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Tim Schafer Tim

Hang on. Not to worry. I found some leftover basmati rice from last night’s Indian food in the fridge. At least I hope it was last night… Anyway, there’s that, and some (unrelated) blue bread. I’m not sure who’s bread this is, but I’m going to eat it. It’s blue, but I think it’s supposed to be blue. You can eat stuff if it’s supposed to be blue. In general.

And if this was your blue bread and you were saving it to make a blue pb&j tomorrow or blue French toast, then, well, I’m sorry. I ate it. It’s gone. You have to let it go, and not get too mad, and here’s why: The reason I’m working late tonight is that I’m writing performance reviews. I might be writing yours. So just keep your mouth shut, and you’ll get a “4” in at least one category: “Employee provides me with food and doesn’t make a big, whiny deal about it.”

“Goals for next three months: More bread. Next six months: Butter.”

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