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Okay, you can turn it off now!

Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, whoops. I was wrong. Lorne Lanning is on TV. I often get the two of us confused because we like, practically, twins. You can see the Halo guys, too. Oh, and the Crimson Skies team. My face does flash on the screen for a second—just long enough for me to say that games invented surrealism. (God, when will I remember the golden rule of interviews: Shut up and don’t say a word!) Psychonauts does appear for a moment, and right when it’s on screen, Ed Fries says something that I won’t quote because it’s not the words that matter, but the meaning of the words. And if you listen to what he says the meaning is obvious: Ed thinks that Double Fine Productions is THEE GREATEST GAME COMPANY EVER OF ALL TIME EVER. And after that part, he adds that he loves us, and has a crush on many of us, and wishes we all hung out more, and that if we’re not doing anything this weekend, he’d like to see the Hulk with all of us, and then maybe play Pictionary after and have root beer floats. What makes this last part so effective is that he says it entirely WITH HIS EYES.

Hey, look! It’s…

Staring: The Confuse-O-Gator!

If you catch the scene where Doctor Loboto takes out Dogen Boole’s pesky brain—the actor who plays Dr. Loboto is Nick Jameson, who also did the voices of Fred, Red, and Zed Edison in Day of the Tentacle, he played Darrel and Mavis (the projectionist) in Full Throttle, and in Sam and Max? d00d, he’s Max. And that’s…

Staring: The Confuse-O-Gator!

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