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Dream Date with DOUBLE FINE!

Tim Schafer Tim

That's right, Ladies. We don't call it 'Single Fine.

Double Fine is moving offices! We are giving up the rats, giving up the smell of bum pee. We are moving on to the land of eternally working toilets! Hooo-ray.

But you know, the one thing this old warehouse was always fun for was throwing killer parties. This is our last chance, so we’re inviting everyone! Come on down Friday night to 215 Clara Street in fabulous San Francisco. We’re near 5th street, between Folsom and Harrison. Kind of close to the All Star Donuts. Around the corner from the Olympic Deli’s burned-up awning. Near where that junkie is passed out, just past that pile of used syringes. That’s the place! Party!

8:00pm until whenever.

I’m already kinda drunk. Will you slow dance with me? Come on, this is our song.

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