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Well, I’m off to PAX!

Very exciting! I’ve always wanted to go and now all my paxy dreams are coming true. I’m even doing stuff there. Check it out:

Friday, 4 to 5, I’m going to be signing things at the EA booth. We have cool posters to sign, but if you don’t want that I’ll sign anything, as long as it’s not sweaty or oozing.

Friday, 5:30pm - 6:30pm, in the Main Theater, I’m going to be on the “Spike Sneak Peeks” panel, showing something from Brütal Legend that you’ve never seen before (unless you work at EA or Double Fine). Exciting! Tempting! Salacious! Obsequious! Vainglorious! Lugubrious! Oh, sorry, I got carried away on a fun-to-say word avalanche.

And then on Saturday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, in the Serpent Theater (what a scary name for a theater!) I’m on the “Medium is the Message: Story Matters” panel. I will be taking the counter-position, arguing against writers, but then right before the vote I’ll switch sides in a dramatic reversal and story will win the day! Unless this turns out to be a panel about the show “Medium” starring Patricia Arquette, in which case I’ll take the position that her husband is a real bummer. I hate that guy.

And then, when no one is looking, I’m going to steal my yo-yo back. Shhhh!

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