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Thanks, PAX, for being AWESOME

Tim Schafer Tim

I just got back from PAX. Please let me share some memories and a little bit of swine flu with you.

My favorite thing was the awesome cosplay. I’ve seen Apple and Oya dressed as Raz and Lili before, but only in photos. At PAX we totally got to hang out and somewhere, someone has a picture of all three of us together to prove it. Until that surfaces, please enjoy this this blurry one:

And holly smokes, is that what I think it is? The first Ophelia costume I have ever seen? Yes it is! And from Conley of the Cookies, no less. So awesome.

In case you ever wonder what it’s like to sit on a panel at PAX, here is what it feels like:

Greg Zeschuk from Bioware was one of the other panelists.

He said he wanted to make a joke about character being the “core” of storytelling using that apple core as a visual aid, but I talked him out of it. (I told him it would be to “corny” as I held up an ear of corn.)

If you want to find out who I’m punching in the face here, you’re going to have to watch my video tour of PAX that I took hand-in-hand with Jeff Gerstmann.

Okay, I’m changing my mind. My favorite part of PAX was actually meeting Old Grandma Hardcore in person. She was so sweet and didn’t swear once. Check her out in her Double Fine hoodie:

That was such a fun time! And I didn’t even get sick!
Oh no. I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

UPDATE: I told you! I wasn’t lying! I know people!

(Thank you, Red Firey, for the photo. Do you like the gentle blur I added to it? It makes my hand look all fuzzy.)

Also, there is now an in-depth, epic description of OGH adventures at PAX for you to enjoy. With pictures!

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