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Psychonauts 2 Receives GDC Narrative Award

Harper Jay Harper

Psychonauts 2 has snagged a lovely award from industry peers! The Game Developer's Conference is a large gathering of creates from around the industry ranging from artists and animators to directors and programmers. We're delighted to say that Psychonauts 2 had received a GDC award for Best Narrative.

There's been many fantastic nominations that are both (wow!) really flattering and sometimes intimidating; it's fantastic as maple-soaked bacon to have friends and peers within the industry show their love for Raz's story and the work that went into creating it. It's a tale that's been, if you really think about it, about fifteen years in the making!

Tim accepted the award alongside Lead Animator Zach Baharov on behalf of the whole studio. His speech was way too rambling and emotional to transcribe here. (Just kidding, Tim! The team's earned some joy after their journey!) A key message was that "narrative" is something that isn't just about script writing or dialogue. It takes producers to organize the project, translators to help the story travel far and wide, artists to conjure the world, programmers and animators to bring that world to life, and plenty of other people in order to make a narrative stand out. It's a whole team effort.

We thank the Game Developer's Conference for the award and extend our love for all teams who were nominated. In a hectic world, the far off stories of video games can sometimes seem silly but they're also a chance to explore who we are and who we want to become. No one knows what's in the future for Raz but it's amazing to know that this latest chapter in his story spoke to fans and peers alike!

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